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Heavy duty ship loading equipment


Our stock contains quality machinery specialised for (mobile) shiploading.


Why do companies choose for Van Trier?


All of our machines are built for heavy duty ship loading


100+ mobile ship loaders directly available from stock


Worldwide experience in mobile ship loading equipment

Our product range

Ship loaders Van Trier Sudopogruzchik Судопогрузчик

Ship Loaders

Our Breston telescopic conveyor belts, do not consist of a combination of belts, but of one continuous belt. The belt is equipped with an S-loop and in this way extends without folding for easy variable loading of ships, warehouses or containers. 

Truck Unloaders

Truck Unloaders are material handling equipment designed to efficiently unload bulk materials from trucks, trailers, and other types of transportation vehicles. They can be used in a variety of industries including agriculture, transshipment, construction, and manufacturing.

Ship loaders Van Trier Sudopogruzchik Судопогрузчик Hoppers Industrial Machinery equipment
High capacity Conveyor Mobile Conveyor КОНВЕЙЕРНОЕ ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ судопогрузочная машина для зерна

High Capacity Link Conveyors

This portable conveyor system can easily be transported to any location, making it perfect for construction sites, warehouses, and other industrial sectors. It features a durable and sturdy design, with a conveyor belt that can handle heavy loads.

Mobile ship loading equipment - Судопогрузчик

Mobile ship loaders are a convenient and efficient way to load grain onto ships for transportation. These versatile machines can be easily moved around a port or storage facility, allowing them to quickly and accurately load grain onto ships of various sizes. One of the key benefits of mobile ship loaders is their ability to increase loading capacity. These machines are equipped with powerful conveyor belts that can move large quantities of grain quickly and efficiently. This can help to reduce loading times and increase the overall productivity of a port or storage facility (like using our Breston telescopic conveyor belts).

Mobile ship loaders are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective solution for loading grain. They are built with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a marine environment. Additionally, many mobile ship loaders are equipped with advanced features such as remote control operation and computerized load monitoring systems, further enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to their efficiency and durability, Breston mobile ship loaders are also known for their safety features. They are built with safety in mind, and are equipped with features such as emergency shut-off systems to help protect workers from potential hazards.

Overall, mobile ship loaders are a versatile and cost-effective solution for loading grain onto ships. They are designed to increase loading capacity, are durable and long-lasting, and come with a range of safety features to protect workers. With their advanced features, mobile ship loaders can help to increase the efficiency and productivity of your loading operation. Our Breston Z25-100XW is famously known for its build quality and capacity.

Van Trier is the specialist in mobile ship loading equipment for loading bulk goods like grain, corn, coal and iron ores. for construction sites, ports, warehouses and other industrial settings.

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